Our ethical attitude to our existence is something we have always been passionate about and is at the heart of our commitment to the communities of which we are part. Our statement interiors that focus on local authenticity are created by local communities using recycled, upcycled and sustainable materials to offer a unique vibe unlike any formulaic hotel.

Curated original artworks form huge centrepieces in lobbies, ornate hand beaded textiles adorn the stylish bedrooms and our funky recycled furniture really pushes the boundaries of local materials. We are proud to be true ambassadors for emerging African talent.

We don’t want to drown you in sustainability preaching, but take a look at two of our partners who have been central in creating what we have become.



If you’d like to add to our sustainable community or have ideas and comments about how we can strengthen the environments and communities in which we work, please contact Sherrie Kankhomba or call her at +265 996 705 984.